well hi

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well hi

Post by Google » 22 Mar 2011, 00:01

well uhm its been a while since i've been around here. Before I start this long & boring story I must say my english is bad & i have been drinking so im just going to start writing and who knows where it will end.

I used to be in TBW, as matter of fact I am still in the steam community group on steam because I never had the gutts to leave it. been in team 3 I think. I was one of the belgian bastards in tbw, together with frozen?? and I think tom?? was belgian to, or is he the dutch bastard?

well I think my name then was k_nal or something else stopid like BACON? mm bacon
but nowadays I go around with the name Google, I can tell u think, well waw another stopid name, well I can only say, yes yes it is.
I remember lads of this fine community, if you dont remeber me, no hard feelings I will rape u at night. :wackit:

I left TBW due to inactivity of myself, been in troubles been in shit been in lotts. but I started playing again like a long time ago, been in some teams, blablabla. now I reached a point where css just bores me sometimes. Or the fact that ppl dont play for fun anymore. Ive been in teams where winning or calling ppl hackzors was the main goal. sucks dockydick playing with assholes;/

But then I remembered TBW, where u could always have e good laugh and fun with css, and also played some mixes & even played some leet wars :moon: with the team.

So if u are still reading this mess I must say TBW was for me the best combination of fun and more fun & some matches.
I could just stop playing css, but Irly like shooting some ppl sometimes so I wanted to say hi to y'all again and hope we can have a laugh.

I also noticed that its a bit dead around here, well if you play css, invite me sometimes?

or you can also say who thefuck are you fuckoff little bastard, and then I will :wavey:

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Re: well hi

Post by Grinder » 24 Mar 2011, 18:34

BUH i remember K_nal :)
Epic 'I've got a monster' feeling xD

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Re: well hi

Post by Semper_Eadem » 24 Mar 2011, 20:22

oh hai

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Re: well hi

Post by 24seven » 24 Mar 2011, 21:33

Didnt know you had left, welcome back though!

People are still on vent now and then, even when not playing CS. ;)

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Re: well hi

Post by frozen » 26 Mar 2011, 15:30

Jonas Jonas Jonas
Well hi durr ^^
Chillax <3

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Re: well hi

Post by Sprite » 27 Mar 2011, 19:46

i remember the name, also didnt know ud left, just assumed u wasaway for a while..

aaaand, i played css the other day on my laptop and i was so wack!

hoping to have a desk and a desktop in my room by end of year so maybeee i might be able to play properly again.. not sure though.

anyway, this isn't about me :O

welcome back? xx
I ViiRuS x wrote:dont listen to sprite ^^ hes a div haha ;-)

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