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Post by Zippo » 06 Nov 2007, 20:39

Hello :) im 15. I've been on clan search for some weeks.. i heard u were good so i registred here and hope i can be a part of the community.. a friend of my in Blackout.css suggested that i should make an apply here.. hope to get in. my skill is mid- so you know :D :bowdown:

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Re: Apply,TBW

Post by JoBysan » 06 Nov 2007, 21:00

Thanks for your interest in the community, it's nice to know we have a good name out there!

Currently we are going through some recruitment rules and due to this probably not accepting anyone new that quickly.

We've also always had a slow acceptence due to the fact we believe to get to know people is the key.

So please enjoy the server and community forums. Get your name around and just relax and have fun.

Us admins and the rest of the community will get to know you and inform you when there is any change.

In the mean time... get to know US! (and enjoy the cake... it's not a lie, honest)
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Re: Apply,TBW

Post by 24seven » 06 Nov 2007, 21:35

Well said Joby.

Saw you on the public tonight, first impressions were good.
Keep active, keep having fun while we get to know you better.

It might seem like a slow process, but if you do get in you will be thankful for it. :highfive:

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Re: Apply,TBW

Post by Sprite » 06 Nov 2007, 22:02

Good Luck :highfive:
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Re: Apply,TBW

Post by kiNs^ » 12 Nov 2007, 10:44

Hehe, you signed up then zippo mate, :D hes agood laugh and hes been my mate for a long time, Gl in getting in mate, there good lads : )

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