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Community Rules - V1.0 - Last Edited 02/03/09

Posted: 02 Mar 2009, 12:26
by admin
1. Do not cheat, if people see one person is a cheat the whole community is tared with the same brush, we do not wish to be portrayed as cheaters therefore any member found to be cheating will be banned from TBW.

2. The old adage "Treat others as you would have them treat you" applies above all.
ALWAYS treat fellow community members with the utmost respect. They have all earned the right to play for this illustrious community and therefore abuse of other community members will not be tolerated!

3. Do not abuse any TBW members or non members on the servers.

4. Don't be an assclown.

5. Behave like a noob and you will be treated like one.

6. When tagging up, you must use the name which you joined with. e.g. "|TBW| 24seven" "|TBW| Hawkeye".
If you would like to change your name then post on the forums to let people know.

7. No excessive bashing based on race/sex/gender/sexual orientation.

8. No advertising other clans.

9. If you have a problem with another user keep it private or notify an admin in the appropriate way. Type "say @ <message>" in game chat, PM on forum, msn, IRC, or email admin(at)