Ventrilo Rules - V2.0 - Last Edited 15/05/2009

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Ventrilo Rules - V2.0 - Last Edited 15/05/2009

Post by hawkeye » 29 Oct 2007, 18:35

1. No bind spamming in any channel.
2. If on public server try to stay in the lobby, if its too noisy for you in there use the quiet channel.
3. Quiet channel, is just that, please keep chat to a minimum in there.
4. Try to keep it polite, there are youngster's on.
5. No bullying, that gets people into trouble in today's p.c. world
6. No ghosting, its just plain evil.
7. Match channels are strictly for matches, if there is a match in place, don't join the channel.
8. Phonetic names must be nickname or proper name only, keep it formal please.
9. No channel spamming. (Joining leaving channels repeated times.)
10. If going afk please use the afk channel. (You will be automatically moved to afk if inactive for 30 mins or more.) Other channels for community members playing other games can be made if you talk to Dave or one of the other ventrilo admins.
11. Dont use speakers when on ventrilo.
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