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Forum Rules - V1.5 - Last Edited : 12/05/08

Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 12:03
by admin
    1. Do not post not-work-safe content in a thread without warning.
    Not work safe content is defined as absolutely anything that you may not want your boss or co-worker to see on your monitor. This includes large bold fonts, excessive gore, and other related content. Always put *NWS* before the content and in thread title, so people at work know not to click on it, regardless of the thread title.

    2. Do not abuse any TBW clan members or other registered forum members, if you have a problem keep it in a pm to work things out, if nothing is worked out contact the admins.

    3. No Spamming. This includes smilie spam

    4. No excessive bashing based on race/sex/gender/sexual orientation

    5. No excessive/repeated trolling

    6. Please keep pictures to a reasonable size

    7. No Advertising

    8. No excessive profanity