CS:S Public Server Rules - V1 - Last Edited : ~04

Please read all of the rules and follow them.
Comments are welcome.
Forum rules
TBW operates a three strike policy.

Users will be warned a maximum of two times for any and all offenses.
If the need arises for a third warning a temporary ban will be put in place, after which you regain your three strikes.

Some rules equate to an instant permanent ban.

If you have your TBW member status removed for any reason you will lose any donations paid, and could also lose access to the forums / website, ventrilo and our cs servers.

TBW membership is a privilege and a gift, not a right!
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CS:S Public Server Rules - V1 - Last Edited : ~04

Post by admin » 25 Feb 2008, 12:10

Camping is allowed if defending an objective within the game.For example defending the bomb that has been dropped if you are a CT on a de map, or defending the hostages in the house on cs _italy. If you are low on Health you're also allowed to hide, as long as you are actively achieving an objective, e.g. defending a bomb site.

No Cheating
If we think you are cheating you will be banned.
Don’t worry, we wont just ban someone for having a high score.
If you think someone is cheating then either tell an admin by putting an @ at the beginning of normal chat in game (e.g. press T then type '@ I think blah is cheating'), or by emailing admin(at)thebeerwarriors.com
When reporting a cheater please include an demo file .dem with your email.
The admins will then do what they think is necessary.

Respect the admins, if they ask you to do something then do it, or else they wont respect you.

Killing, Injuring, Flashing or generally hindering your team mates Is not tolerated.

Don't be an assclown

Behave like a noob and you will be treated like one.

No Spamming Chat or Voice Coms

Minimum Rates of 'rate 25000' 'cl_cmdrate 100' 'cl_updaterate 100'
Players that don't adjust their rates will be kicked or banned.

Do try to speak English, this is our main userbase and may help you to get along with your team. Other people make the effort to do so, so I dont see why any one else cant.
If you cant speak english then please leave.
Wenn Sie schräg sprechen, gefällt Englisch dann Urlaub.
Si vous biseauté parlez les anglais satisfont alors le congé.

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