So I want to report two admins

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So I want to report two admins

Post by JonOnTheServer » 02 Apr 2013, 20:42

I was playing on the server and on Arma 2 you should know that both the period and comma keys change the channel that you are in. Also if you don't know, the map key "M" is right next to the comma. When I play on the server I talk on my mic to make it easier to communicate obviously. Well when I type I also don't look down at the keyboard so I will occasionally mistype the wrong key. Well it just so happens that when I press the "M" key I tend to press the comma key and if you aren't aware if you are on "Side Channel" that switches you to "Global Channel". So I dont even notice it when I go out of the map so sometimes I will talk and then realize I am on global, stop very quickly, and switch back to side channel. Well some of your admins are.. well they are assholes for a lack of a better term. Number one they kick you whenever you talk in global, even if it is an accident and you apologize which is exactly what I do when that happens. Also, the two admins I'm referring to here are both Derek and Irishness. They are both kind of butt buddies so when they play together on indie, if they don't get their way, they kick whoever killed them which is exactly what happened to a friend of mine on the server after he killed them in his armored SUV with a mounted machine gun ontop. I was also banned for getting angry at the admins after I had gotten kicked twice for talking on global and I was banned with the message "Have a time out!!! REPORT DEZZZZZZNUTS!!!". You seriously need to relook at your admins because this is bullshit. And before you dont approve this thread derek/irishness, you were the ones who told me to try and report you so, let it happen because that's what im doing.


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Re: So I want to report two admins

Post by 24seven » 08 Apr 2013, 07:59

Thanks for reporting this.
I was unaware that they were behaving in this manor and will try and keep a closer eye on them and the server in the future.

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