Scripter; [LTB] Elitenylle at "Novy Sobor" 05:00 GMT+1

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Scripter; [LTB] Elitenylle at "Novy Sobor" 05:00 GMT+1

Post by Elijah » 29 Mar 2013, 04:45

I'd just like to report this possible scripter, the whole server was aware of this incident as several got blue and red screens as one of the happenings. It started at Novy Sobor with me (Elijah), Lethal Owl and Nainakai, where Nain was shot at close range with a pistol, but there was no shooter to be seen and I stood right next to him.
Further there was several other things such as spamming of the message "Press F9 for Menu", and Lethal Owl was given a grey screen with the message "Fuck you". He also built items out of nothing, deleted vehicles, removed objects and lit a ural on fire. He did a lot more, but I suppose this should suffice to track down his movement.
As mentioned in the subject box the player [LTB] Elitenylle is the one I strongly believe is the scripter, but I guess you can clear that out in the serverlog.
I hope this will help you find the scripter's identity and ban him. Thank you in advance!

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